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Security Doors

Artistry of Iron, Inc. offers several types of doors to suit your security and architectural needs. Each of our Security Doors are custom made; there are no prebuilt, one-size-fits-all doors.

All doors have the following features:

  • Flat-Sanded Surface Joints
  • 1" Inset Mounted Prehung Door Frames
  • Steel Welded Hinges with Nonremoveable Pins  
  • One way Lag Screws Fasten Inside the Door Casement 
  • No Exterior Mounting Screws
  • 14 Gauge Full Flange Steel Lock Boxes
  • 16 Gauge Steel Cap and Welded Latch Boxes
  • Double Cylinder Deadbolt ,with Tamper Proof Screws, in Three Popular Finishes
  • Passage Knobs in Three Popular Finishes
  • Custom options available
  • Professional Installation
  • Guaranteed
  • Standard Paint
  • Standard Ornate Design

Types of Doors:

  • Storm Door  - Seals out the elements with tempered safety glass, interchangeable screen, 2" Door Frame, vinyl weather strip, sweep threshold, closer, storm chain, along with Standard hardware features above.
  • Screen Door  - Keeps bugs out, but lets fresh air in with removable aluminum screens, bug seal, bottom sweep and threshold. Hardware also included.
  • Perforated Screen Door  - A heavy-duty screen door that stands up to pets, high Traffic, and tenant abuse. Includes all screen door features.
  • Basic Door  - No frills, just security. Perfect for side garage doors and interior House to garage doors. Hardware included.
  • Patio Door Guards  - Secure patio doors and sliding glass doors.
  • Custom Doors  - Pet Doors, Arches, Special designs, and more.