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Perforated screen door with Zia design

Perforated Screen Doors

With all the features of our standard screen doors, the perforated screen door features a heavy-duty steel screen material that is virtually tear-proof — perfect for large animals! The perforated screen material is also able to block out 50% of the incoming light, thus reducing the day time heating of the room. Unlike the regular screen door, the screen is not removable; it is welded directly to the door. This offers increased security by not allowing the screen material to be pushed out. The holes in the perforated screen material are small enough to keep bugs out, and the bug strip keeps them from sneaking in around the door.

Standard Features:

  • Passage Knob
  • Double Cylinder Deadbolt
  • Heavy Duty Perforated Steel Screen (non-removable)
  • Bug Strip
  • Built-In Sill and Sweep
  • One-way Lag Screws
  • Steel Welded Hinges with Nonremoveable Pins
  • Professional Installation
  • Standard Paint
  • Standard Ornate Design